Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mural Project - Day 9

Wow! I've only worked on the mural 9 days, buts it seems like years! It must be the stretched out time between those 9 days....phew!

Well, I did get a chance to paint this weekend, but it wasn't too much. I finished up on Pooh Bears shirt (3 coats of red paint) and painted the base coat on the log on which Pooh eats his honey. At this time, it appears Winnie the Pooh is sitting in a mud puddle, so I didn't want to show a current picture of it. I hope to make the bark lines at some point this weekend, but we'll see what happens (it not like I have too much planned this weekend.....two birthday parties for Drew).

But until then, I will keep starring at the mural on Drew's wall as I rock him to sleep, thinking of what can be done next!!

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