Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Thanks to everyone who shared some advise on our little sleeping issue at home.

We are trying some new things, like less rocking but we still haven't found the right combo. I know it will take time, so we will just keep taking one night at a time.

Also, can teething cause issues with sleep. We seem to think so, but the nasty doctor that we occasionally get for Drew says no it can't. Drew's regular doctor says yes, it can effect his system. So, any mom beliefs? I think it can and maybe that is what is causing his interrupted sleep at the moment. Drew has half a molar showing and it appeared this morning a "vampire" tooth might be popping through, so he is teething.

In the past when Drew got most of his teeth, it was all at once and his little system was messed up at the time (again, still not sleeping through the night then either). But the way he wakes up within the past couple of weeks isn't just a whimper, its a full blown cry like something is making him very uncomfortable.

We will master this challenge (someday)!

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