Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend

Easter was a little different for us this year. My wonderful SIL offered to cook and host it at her house. It was a wonderful change. Dinner was also held on Saturday, rather then on Easter Sunday so we could accommodate our schedules with other family members. It was great!

At first we weren't too sure if we'd be able to make it to Easter Saturday with Drew feeling not so good, but at the last minute it was decided we would try since he was showing much improvement when the day rolled around. Of course with his side-effects from his medication, I didn't want to dress him up and have his dress-up clothes become dirty because of something he couldn't control, so we went with the comfy look. I know, I know, he was the only one not dressed up, but that's ok in my book. No accidents occurred, but I'd rather be safe then sorry.

On Sunday, we had my parents over for breakfast and pie. The pie was for my dad's birthday the day before (it was a busy weekend). Drew had his first egg hunt with plastic Elmo eggs and he found animal crackers inside. He was also really excited to have a basket to play with (not so much what was inside, but the basket itself).

It was a wonderful holiday and I realized over the weekend, that this was Drew's last first holiday!

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