Friday, December 19, 2008

Wait, I Changed My Mind Again

Yesterday I mentioned that Jeff and I are in yet another dilemma with Zack's mom. I know I can't just touch upon the subject and not explain myself, that would be unkind of me.

Lets start with week before Thanksgiving. I receive an email from Zack's mom telling us she is moving the Christmas visit. The usual Christmas visit takes place sometime between Christmas and New Years, depending on how the holidays fall. It has been this way for two years. This year she announces to us that she is moving the visit to the weekend before Christmas.

With the change in mind, we scramble to get Zack's Christmas and Birthday shopping done earlier then planned. We arranged his Birthday party for the new weekend with relatives. Jeff arranged to take some time off from work so we can have Zack until lunch time on Monday. So, its all set and we are ready to see the little guy on the new weekend.

This past Sunday, Jeff is on the phone with Zack and he asks him if he was excited to come up. Zack responded, I'm not sure I'm coming. (Um, what??!) So, Jeff didn't push the issue with Zack (since he didn't want him to get into trouble), but we were on alert for any further changes to the visit.

On Monday (Zack's Birthday), his mom text's Jeff to let him know that she had to pick Zack up from school since he was sick (throwing up, fever, tired, etc). So, Jeff and I had a feeling that there was going to be some record breaking illness that Zack was coming down with to prevent him from traveling. But, later that night Jeff receives a text picture of Zack out having ice cream for his Birthday. OK, we thought that wouldn't be the excuse to change the visit.

Then on Wednesday, I heard about a snow storm that was heading our way for Friday. I text Jeff right away and told him about the snow and that this was going to be a factor for our visit (since every type of weather is). Well, who gets a phone call on Weds night to say that she doesn't think she is driving here because of the weather.....yup, you got it!

Yesterday I received an email from his mom defending her reasoning since she feels I only hear one sided conversation from Jeff to make her look bad, explaining how if the trip is changed how much it would effect HER plans and said it was all for Zack's safety.

So, I took a deep breath, pondered what I would write back and basically told her yes Zack's safety (or health) is very important to us as well, but what we are frustrated about are the constant changes for every visit over the last two years since she moved away. Yes, we can't predict the weather, but if she just left things alone, we wouldn't be in this situation.

Now, its Friday morning and we are still not sure if Zack will be here this weekend (she's been watching the weather from VA and hasn't gotten back to us for sure what her plans are) or not. We are all on stand-by waiting to hear from her either way. Jeff tried to call her last night, but she didn't answer her phone either. Ugh!


Cherish said...

I hate dealing with the 'other' parent all the time! Why cant they just remember that its all about the kids? I hope it works out for you

Kellan said...

I'm so sorry about all the frustration and not knowing what is going on! I hope it all worked out and Zach was able to make it for the weekend.

Have a wonderful Holiday week - Kellan