Monday, December 22, 2008

A New Blanket of Snow

More snow fell this weekend. It started around 1pm on Friday pretty heavy. It left us (Jeff and my FIL) with about 6 inches to clean up on Saturday morning.

But, it didn't stop. We had "snow showers" all day Saturday and "snow" on Sunday. So, we got a few more inches over the weekend.

Our educated guess would be about 8 inches total from all weekend accumulation. We weren't out there with a ruler, this is just our expert opinions.

Even though the snow was falling, we did manage to get out over the weekend to finish Christmas Shopping, go to an Aunts party, rent some movies and run a few other errands. Hey, a few inches can't stop us (after the roads are all cleared from the bulk of the snow)! But, no Zack this weekend, maybe next weekend.

There is a strange phenomenon that takes place at my house when we have snow. When this strange occurrence takes place, it has to be enough snow on the ground to be snow blowed. I've lived in my FIL's house for almost 7 years now and I still can't understand it. What is it you ask?!

My FIL snow blows our back & front yard!

Yup, that's my FIL out there in the backyard

I've given up asking him why he does it. I don't mean a path to the shed, I mean almost 80% of the yard is snow blowed.

I've tried to tell him that it kills our grass and makes it impossible to grow a healthy looking yard since there is no blanket of snow to protect it from the harsh cold. Also, the snow blowers dig up the yard and yanks out chunks from time to time.

He's explained to me that it helps the snow melt faster. I just look him in the eye and explain to him that he is just pushing the snow to another place in the yard where it has to melt from there.

Also, it adds another good hour to the work that has to be done when the snow falls. Its come to the point where Jeff now helps him so he isn't out there by himself clearing the yard for even a longer period of time.

I guess I will never truly understand why!

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Kellan said...

I love the snow pictures! I think he likes playing with the snow blower - a man thing (?)!

Have a very wonderful Christmas! Take care - Kellan