Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Tomorrow is the big appointment. The one every one's been waiting for. The apt that everyone I talk to about being pregnant asks me when it will be. You know, the one that HOPEFULLY tells us the sex of the little baby inside my belly. I just hope the baby isn't stubborn like his/her father and reveals if we will have pink or blue in our near future.

Many people have given me their predication's because of the way my belly sits, their feelings or a prediction test. You ask, what predication test? Well, let me explain. A coworker of mine has been conducting a needle and thread test since her daughter was pregnant. At work when I announced I was expecting I informed Darcia that we can set up a date and conduct her test before my revealing appointment. The test was done yesterday.

Yesterday after lunch I went into her offices break room and laid on the coach. Darcia hung a needle and tread over my belly. As the needle was starting to move she had explained that if the needle moves side to side, the baby will be a boy. If the need moves in a circle, the baby will be a girl. After about a minute she reveals (since at my angle I really couldn't tell how the needle was moving) that it was moving side to side which indicates a boy. After the initial test and we were about to leave the room she says, lets do it again. Once again the test indicates a boy. So, it will be interesting to see if this test works.

As for family and friends predication's (the ones who wanted to take a guess)-

Auntie Tammie

My dad

What's your predication?


Cherish said...

Girl..Ive thought it for awhile now but you just cant tell, can you? Ive thought that all four of my boys were girls!

Cherish said...

Oh, and happy halfway day!

The Sweet Family said...

I'm going with BOY.

I can't wait to hear!!!

Brooke said...

Put me on the list for a boy!! It's such a long appointment as they go through all of the body parts and check them all and then they FINALLY get to the sex at the very end. Bring tissue!!

Amy (wattsup) said...

I'm going with a girl! Can't wait to hear your news!!!

Kellan said...

Oh, how exciting - I can't wait! I know you must be very excited. I guess - BOY!

Take care - Kellan