Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Visit

Zack made it this weekend! Yeah! He arrived early Friday morning and was gone by mid-morning on Sunday. It was such a great visit, but a lot jammed in to this one.

We celebrated Christmas (of course almost immediately after he arrive on Friday). Zack was at our door at 6am on Friday and kept starring at the gifts and checking them out. We decided to go out to breakfast first to catch up so we can have his attention before he dives into his gifts. After we returned, that was it! Bring on the gifts!

Zack opening up Christmas Presents
That night we also treated him and his cousin Ally to Brightnights. Its a local parks celebration for the holiday season using tons of light bulbs to make images while cars drive through the exhibit. There was Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, The Grinch Story, winter wonderland images and so much more to drive past. It was fun to hear the kids get so excited between each other and what they were looking. That was the best part for me.

On Saturday was Zack's 11th birthday party. Upon his request at the last visit, I was asked to make his cake this year. So, it was done and it was a big hit, phew! But, we always make sure to have a little something for him to recognize his birthday since him mom sometimes doesn't get a chance. Its not like we go all out and have a big shin-dig, we usually have the small immediate family, pizza and cake (oh, and presents).

Zack's homemade birthday cake
During the birthday festivities, the "kids" starting playing with Zack's Nerf guns (ones that were never opened from last Christmas). When I say kids, I mean mean my husband, my BIL, Zack and Ally. My mom was mixed in there somewhere trying to get pictures. The kitchen was the safe zone, but occasionally a dart would find its way pretty close to hitting an innocent bi-stander, but we'd let it slide. It was fun to watch them running around the house, carefree, having a good time.
Zack & Ally
After the party, Jeff and Zack played some video games. I have to let them have some alone time doing what ever they please since we all know that doesn't happen very often. Then after supper we sat down for a family game of poker. I ultimately won but it wasn't by luck. It got to the point we were tired of played and the four of us (Jeff, Zack, Me and my FIL) went all in blind (not looking at our cards) and my hand won. But, I was the champion and walked away with $6!
On Sunday morning after breakfast, Zack was brought to his mother at a near-by restaurant and was going to head back to VA. That's it until February when we visit him in Maryland.

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Cherish said...

sounds like he had a blast!