Thursday, December 4, 2008

Its Great To See Grandpa

Also over the long Thanksgiving weekend, I got to see my Grandpa. Before arriving for the holiday he gave me a list of Christmas gifts to pick up for him to help him out for his shopping. I had to run around everywhere picking up gift cards for the family and the traditional Hess Trucks that he gets every year for his son's and BIL. My suitcase was stuffed with Christmas presents to hand over to Grandpa. I love being his little elf during the holidays.

Thanksgiving was great. My Uncle David cooked our turkey dinner and the whole day was dedicated to relaxing, eating and watching football (can you believe we forgot about the Macy's day parade?!) together.

Friday after Thanksgiving we ALWAYS have to venture out to the malls so Grandpa can get his Christmas Bear from Walmart (my Grandma collected them and ever since she passed away, he carries on the tradition). This year we actually had to go to two Walmarts to get that bear, but it made him so happy. We also finished up his Christmas shopping and he was able to people watch (one of his favorite things to do) at the same time.

Over the weekend, we visited with family and just enjoyed ourselves. I'm so happy we are able to incorporate Zack's visits in with seeing my Grandpa. Zack is now calling him Grandpy now instead of Amanda's Grandpa (that decision was all his own) so it just melts my heart to see those two hitting it off.

Grandpa also had a recent lasik surgery to help his glaucoma out in one of his eyes. When we saw him for the first time this visit he didn't have his glasses on. I thought he had forgot them or something, but come to find out, he only needs them to read. Wow! He is going this week for a new prescription, but to think an 82 year old not wearing his glasses to see because of a simple surgery is just amazing.

I can't wait to see him early next year!

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Kellan said...

He looks very sweet! So glad you spend time together! I miss my grandfather - he died at 101.

Take care - Kellan