Thursday, December 18, 2008

Carefree Moment

Have you ever had one of those moments that you see someone or something being so carefree that it makes you smile? And its contagious!?

Well, I was grateful to experience one of those moments this morning after having a tough time dealing with Zack's mom last night. So, it was much welcomed.

This morning, as I drove to work down the main road in the area, I noticed a blue pick-up truck with a women driver and a golden retriever in the passenger seat. As the light turned green in front of us, I noticed the dog jump up to stick his head out of his window to explore the smells around the truck while he wagged his tale.

I sat there following this vehicle and was just amazed how carefree and excited this dog was to be going for a ride with his owner. It was so adorable too that when the truck stopped at the next red light, the dog would pull his head into the truck and sit right next to the driver. Now that's love!

So, I wish for everyone to experience a carefree moment for yourself today!

1 comment:

Kellan said...

Yes, animals have a special way of living in the moment and experiencing pure joy - don't they!?

Have a good Friday - see you soon - Kellan