Monday, December 1, 2008

How was Zack's visit?

Wow, time defiantly fly's by! We had a Zack visit this past weekend in Maryland from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon (I have little snippets into his mom's off the wall remarks but I'll save that for another post this week).

We got a copy of Zack's report card and he is doing great in school. He has A's & B's along with Satisfactory marks. Can't go wrong with that!

You can tell there was a lot of time between the visits (the last one was in August) since he just seemed to fall into being lovie with us (including with my grandfather).

Friday we all spent the day shopping, people watching and walking around the mall (yup, we were out there in the crowds, but not at was more like 10am). That night I let the boys pick where we were going for supper and it was decided to head to Hooters. Yup, the wholesome family know, that one (yeah, I was out-numbered!)

On our way to Hooters Zack asked if we could get a picture of him in the restaurant to prove to one of his friends that he's been there. I said sure (hey, he was asking for his picture to be taken, I wasn't going to argue).

During dinner Jeff mentioned lets get a picture with the waitress. Zack instantly became nervous and said sure. After we ate, the waitress was clearing the table and I had mentioned that someone at the table would like to have a picture with her (and pointed to Zack). She said sure and she suggested getting the other waitress too.

Zack became brave the moment the ladies walked by the table to get ready for their photo. He jumped down from the booth, put his head down as he walked towards the group of women, but stood right in the middle of them all for the picture. When he picked his head up, he was smiling nice and big (I told him to keep his hands to himself, just encase his 10 1/2 year old mind had any ideas) and got his picture to prove to his friend.

Saturday night we went to the movies to see Madagascar 2 (we usually don't get the chance to bring him to the movies since his mom brings him to every movie he wants to see and rarely gives us a chance to bring him, so when we heard he hadn't seen it yet and wanted to go......we made plans to check it out). The movie was alright, but he really enjoyed himself so that is all that matters!

Oh, and I'm sure you want to know his reaction about the baby.......
We handed him a gift bag on Friday morning and as he was opening it he said you guys didn't have to get me anything (since Jeff had just mentioned that the gift was from me and him).

He pulled his Big Brother book out of the bag and said "Oh, I get it". He had a little smile on his face. Jeff then explained that the baby is due at the end of April. Zack looks at me confused and asks "I thought it wasn't going to happen" (since he knew about the first miscarriage). I had explained that this was a different time (and then questions started to go through my head as to what did his mom tell him.....I can only get pregnant once?). He then said "Ooohhhhh". We explained that in a couple of weeks he will know if he is having a sister or brother. He was definitely excited.

So, it was a quick but great visit with the little bugger. We'll see him next in a few weeks. Can't wait!


Cherish said...

Wow zach seems so excited to be there with those hooters girls! Thats a good shot

The Sweet Family said...

Another great Zach visit!

As for Hooters, you have to admit, great food!

I am glad to hear he took it so well.

Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week!!