Friday, September 26, 2008

Whats Zack been up too?

He's enjoying 5th grade. Zack likes his teacher and is making tons of friends.

He's has two fundraisers going on right now. One is for a Virginia nut company. He had this one last year and they were OK. Last year I bought peanuts with Old Bay seasoning on them, but they weren't that good. So, this year I'm trying pistachios. Jeff just got mixed nuts, can't go wrong with those.

The other is to collect as many water (Nestle brand) and food (Campbell's soup, Tyson Frozen food and box tops)labels so the school can earn new equipment. This contest will go on all year. Also, there is an individual contest to see who collects the most, gets a prize.

I know the fundraisers help the schools (even though only 40% goes to the school), but they are one after the other on top of school pictures, sport pictures, and any other school related cost. Phew! You can go broke just putting the kid through elementary school.

The poor kid just had bronchitis too. He's feeling much better, but it always makes you feel bad when your kid is sick.

Our next visit with him is over Thanksgiving in Maryland. We can't wait to see him!


Amy (wattsup) said...

Ah fundraisers...I'm glad he is enjoying the 5th grade!!!

Kellan said...

Hope he feels better soon!

I hate fund raisers and just end up buying the whole box (candy bars) ourselves - tee hee!

Have a good week - Kellan