Thursday, September 18, 2008

Summer is over

I know fall will officially be here on Monday, but there are hints all around that summer has left our area. We still have mild days, with the temperature being in the 70's, but the days start off in the low 40's. Its definitly fleece weather on the way to work!

Then there are those sporadic trees showing off there brilliant red and orange leaves in the sea of green still around them. Those tree's must be over achievers to have their colors seen first.

The geese are starting to leave. They fly overhead in their lop-sided V's going to warmer climates.

The mum's are being sold on the side or the road and in the grocery stores. The corn stalks are for sale at the local farm stands to help decorate for the fall months. Those pre-stuffed scarecrows also displayed in stores, smile at you hoping to go home with you.

Oh, and all the thousands of bags of chocolate in the stores for those trick-or-treaters around every corner.

These are the signs in our area that summer is coming to an end. But the fall isn't too bad. Its the season after fall I dread the most.

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