Friday, September 12, 2008

His New Bike

Yup, Jeff bought a motorcycle. He did it on his lunch break on Wednesday. He with his dad to the local dealership and picked it out.

Jeff's new bike is a UM V2-S 250R. The bike pictured below is just like what he picked up except its silver rather then blue.

Jeff took the day off to get all his affairs in order to go and pick up his new toy this afternoon. I didn't get a chance to take a picture today when I got home since we had to help out my in-laws (yes, Jeff and his dad rode their bikes while I followed behind in the van to our destination) with some errands. As I was following behind them I was thinking that this was in no way saving on gas mileage! Oh well!

I'll have pictures to post soon!

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Amy (wattsup) said...

YAY for Jeff! How exciting and the fall is such a nice time of year to ride! I look forward to seeing pics of the real thing & you'll have to let us know how you feel about being a passenger!