Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh, this can't be good!

A few months back, when my FIL was still in the look around stage of purchasing a motorcycle, my husband mentioned to his buddies at work that if his dad gets a bike, so will he (my FIL told me this since they work together and overheard Jeff one day).

I didn't think anything of it at the time since my FIL didn't seem too serious about getting a bike.

Well, as you know my FIL did purchase a bike a few weeks ago, on a whim. And now all my husband can talk about is when HE is getting a motorcycle. Um, what?

I tried to stall these thoughts for sometime by suggesting that he take a motorcycle class that is offered in our area which he could ultimately obtain his new licence with important knowledge about bike safety all in a weekends time. But, he is still looking and working hard at finding a deal and maybe he will sign-up for the class.

Other then going deep into our savings to purchase this new toy, I'm just worried about his safety. He is a crazy driver in a regular car, I don't want to see how he will be handling a bike. Also, there are all of those drivers who may not see him on the road. Its hard for me to really say anything since at one time I owned a motorcycle myself, but I only had it for about 6 months and it just wasn't for me.

So, I'm sure I will be sharing a new photo of my husband on a motorcycle soon. Now I have to worry about two people out there on bikes. If those two want to share a hobby, I just wish they were into model trains together or something like that! Sigh!

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Amy (wattsup) said...

HAHA! What is the saying?

"Boys and their toys"

I had the exact same thoughts when my dad and brother got bikes and to be completely honest, they drive so much safer on bikes and pay much closer attention to the other drivers on the road :)

Keep us posted on the purchase!