Friday, September 5, 2008

He's an official 5th Grader

Jeff was finally able to get in touch with Zack to ask him how his first day of 5th grade was on Tuesday. Well, needless to say you know how kids are on the phone and he couldn't get much out of him, but Jeff said he sounded excited.

Here's the conversation-

Jeff: Hey buddy, how was the first day of 5th grade?
Zack: Good.
Jeff: Do you like your teacher?
Zack: Yeah.
Jeff: Did you get any homework on your first day?
Zack: No.

Then the conversation moved on to better things after that. But his mom never got on the phone to fill Jeff in with the grown-up talk about Zack's first day of school. She never does this! Actually, she never told us when his first day of school was, I had to find the school calender online so we know what's going on that way. Things never change!


The Sweet Family said...

I am glad to hear he had a great
1st day of school!

You would think the chip on her shoulder would fall off and would cooperate!

Kellan said...

Boys are so funny!

Have a good weekend - Kellan