Thursday, March 25, 2010

Strongest Baby in the World

Its true, I feel my Drew is the strongest little boy in the world. I hate to admit this, but I even think when he wants to be, he's stronger them me and he's only 11 months old.

The most recent example of his strength was at a doctors appointment last week. We were seeking medical attention since Drew was under the weather and I wanted him to be checked out. The stand-in doctor had me hold him down while she checked his ears. Well, for some reason the doctor thought I wasn't holding him down enough, since she was rude and lecturing me on holding Drew still. The truth was, I couldn't. I was leaning on him to hold him still and he kept getting free. She just didn't understand.

At day care the other day, Drew bonked his head and the policy is to place an ice pack on the bump. Well, the teacher attempted to hold him while she placed the ice pack on the back of his head, but that didn't work out too good for her. She had to wrap her leg around him so he'd be still to hold the ice pack for a short time.

Many people comment on how strong he is and let me tell you, I concur! I just don't want him to find out anytime soon that he is more powerful then his mom, but I'm sure I'll still have the power of mom when needed. But his strength just amazes me every day I witness it!!

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