Monday, March 1, 2010

Mural Project Day 4

Its been a little while since I was able to work on the mural in Drew's room. We were a little busy and timing wasn't working out for me to take a break and paint. But, I was able to work in a little paint time this weekend while Drew was napping (and my mom was at the house on stand-by in the event he woke up).

I didn't get much done, so there is no photo to show off, but I worked on the honey pot yesterday. I had Drew point to the color he wanted for the bottom half of the honey pot. The colors were tiny circles representing the paint variety I picked up at the craft store. He held the box and started pointing to the turquise blue color. So, that was it! It is now the bottom color of the honey pot on the wall and I matched it with a lighter blue color for the top.

I still have to work on the shadow part of the pot, but I will get to that and the honey next weekend (I hope). So, depending on how far I get next weekend, there may be photo's to be shown. But until then, I'm happy to look at the semi-painted honey pot while I rock Drew to sleep.

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