Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Discover Card, Please Stop!!

As you all know, we are struggling with our finances. We have cut a lot of things out of our routine to cut back on costs, including limiting visits to see Zack. We always have help from my parents for items for Drew, but there are those monthly commitments.

A couple of weeks ago, I signed a contracted with a dept counseling company to lower rates and monthly payments for a few of our credit cards. The cards are now closed, the interest rates are so low now and the monthly cost is lower then one of the Discover Cards minimum payment before I signed the contract (we were getting by until the credit card companies played their tricks by lowering the room you have on the credit card loan and made the interest rate jump to be around 30%). I then had a chat with the remaining cards to see what could be done and they were very nice and understanding.

Well, one of the cards in the dept counseling company, the Discover Card, is now not playing nicely. I know I've missed their payment date (since the counseling program payment date and the credit card due date are not the same) because I have entered into the dept counseling program, but they call me at home, work, on my cell phone and email me to get me to pay. There is no way I can afford both payments to Discover and the counseling program. My commitment is now the counseling program. So, I have spoken to 4 different people at Discover about my situation and each one says they will make a note on my record, but within an hour I receive another call.

Its bad enough that I can't pay my bills, but I'm getting help. Then to have to pour my heart out each time, explain my situation over and over again to complete strangers who most likely hear this all the time and have no sympathy. Its very frustrating, tiresome and I am so ready to give up, but I keep on trucking!

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