Sunday, March 14, 2010

Signs of Spring

Yesterday was cold and rainy, but that didn't stop us from searching out the signs of spring at a local greenhouse (actually on the campus I work at). It was there annual bulb show and I couldn't wait to bring Drew (and of course my mom). I was anxious to see how Drew would reacted to all the bright colors and the different plants. I was a bit nervous that he would yank at a flower and petals would fall to the flower, but that was averted.

It was so wonderful to see him point and grunt while we walked around the greenhouse. He loved touching all the weird leaves and the colorful flowers (he did grab a couple daffodils, but they held up pretty well).

There is a little pond in the middle of the event and I let Drew stand at the railing to look into the water. He noticed right away the bright orange carps swimming through the Lilly pads. He kept watching them with amazement. He would follow them swimming around, even after they disappeared for a moment under the green.

He was such a good boy! There were moments he would try and flirt with a student who walked by him, but other then the occasional distraction, I would say he really enjoyed the show. I can't wait to bring him again next year!!

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