Monday, March 22, 2010

Back & Forth, Back & Forth......

What a wonderful weekend! It was glorious outside which mean we got to play outside!!

Friday night we had a picnic in the back yard with everyone, Jeff, my FIL, Drew and me. Drew didn't understand that you sit and eat your own food, he wanted what everyone else wanted (even though he had a sample of what we had in front of him on a plate). But, it was still so much fun.

After supper, we played in the back yard. Drew doesn't like the feel of the dead crunchy grass on his hands while he crawls, so we tried to bring out his push walker for him to try. But it just didn't work out with the wheels and grass. So, Jeff remembered we have a sit down/push fire truck in the shed. Jeff brought it out and Drew was so excited. At first we tried to have him sit on it and push him around, but he kept standing up. Jeff then picked him up and had him stand behind the fire truck, and as soon as Drew realized it moved, he was off.

Drew must have walked back-and-forth in the back yard over a dozen times. He was loving it! Oh, I was so happy to see how excited he was to be out there pushing, walking and having a great time.

The weather was so wonderful all weekend long, we were out there everyday playing and exploring.

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