Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who is this?

Last week, I received a random phone call with a familiar but unusual area code. I tentatively answered the call and I hear a little voice on the other end. It was Zack calling me to tell me he had finally got a cell phone (those were his exact words of course).

Its been in the "works" for some time now with his mother and now is all set. He was so excited calling me with all the details of his phone. He told me he could make videos, send pictures, text and how he can make his own phone calls. Zack was on cloud nine. After we spoke for a little while, he then showed me his texting skills and photo abilities. The photo posted here, was his self portrait.

Well, yesterday I received a text from my step-son. It was an innocent "hi". I wrote back and asked how he was doing. He responded good and the conversation continued from there. Jeff had just gotten home from work and wondered who I was talking too. I told him, his son (I then pointed to Drew and said, not that son while he was playing on the floor). Jeff said in a disappointed voice, I didn't get a text!

As the conversation with Zack continued, I figured out the real reason he contacted me. It wasn't to know how me or Jeff are doing, it was to see how Drew was doing. How cute! He asked for a photo and was checking on his little brother. What a cutie!

So, I join Jeff with my head held in disappointment, that we don't matter to Zack anymore.....its all about Drew! But, that's a good thing!!


Meg said...

That is too cute! But I think you might have to have to increase your texting plan to unlimited. (If you don't have that already!) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll continue to reach out and talk to you, and that this isn't going to be a one-time thing.

Melissa said...

That is so cute, poor Jeff..lol!
Before you know it it'll be a phone for little Drew too! :)

Cherish said...


Chillygator said...


I only e-mail my sister for updates on her kids. This is totally understandable and supported (o: