Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And the doc said......

The little guy had his follow-up appointment yesterday from his night at the ER from the day before.

Can I just insert a shout out to Drew's doc? I just love his her because she listens. She doesn't assume we have new parent syndrome and she understands our concern.

So, Dr P listened to Drew's story from Monday night. I had to explain to her the three possible diagnosis since the ER did not fax the paperwork over on time for his appointment. Right away she said, the situation was way to traumatic for gas (right on sister!) and I told her that I know when my son is gassy. She didn't say anything about him possibly coming down with a cold, but personally I don't think he would act like that if he was getting a sniffle.

Then I mentioned the intestine suggestion from the ER doctor. She shook her head in agreement and told me that was exactly what she was thinking because of the way Drew had reacted to his pain. Dr P said there isn't much that can be done at the moment since the episode is over, but she did explain that his intestine could overlap and cause extreme pain. If that was indeed what happened the other night, it had fixed itself for the time being since if it had continued he would have woken up from his exhaustion nap crying/screaming/stiff like he did before he fell asleep.
She reassured us that we did everything right and if he should have another episode to do everything the same and get him to a doctor. Then at that time an ultrasound will be done of the area. But until then, she told us the things we have to look for, but there is no real indication an episode like we experienced the other night is approaching. The kink just occurs.

So, now I'm scared of travel to Maryland this weekend. I don't want Drew stuck in a car seat for hours at a time and possibly have another episode where we have no idea where a hospital is while we drive. At the moment, Zack's mom is seeing if things can be moved around. I hope so or we'll have to seek alternative plans somehow.

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Melissa said...

Oh that's terrible :(
But at least it's something you and your doctor think is a possibility rather than wondering what it was. Glad to hear he is doing better and I hope things get cleared up quick, not nice seeing a little baby hurt so much. Wish you guys all the best! Give the man a smooch for me :)