Friday, September 25, 2009

And now a fever!

The poor little guy can't catch a break this week. In the early morning hours yesterday, it was apparent Drew was not feeling well. He would moan and groan in his sleep and he was warmer then usual when you touched him.
Once he woke up to eat, he couldn't get comfortable. At one point Jeff and I were going for a ride with Drew at 1am to help ease him back into sleep. He didn't fall asleep, but he stopped crying and finally took a bottle after we arrived home. Before he feel asleep, the thermometer read 99.3, just a slight elevation.
He really didn't sleep much the rest of the night (and neither did mommy) and by 5:15am, he had a 101.6 temperature. Once his doctors office opened I gave them a call to consult with the nurse. With everything that was happening this week, they said to come on in.
Of course, buy the time the appointment rolled around the Tylenol kicked in and Drew's temperature went down and he was his ol' flirty, happy self. So, after seeing the doctor we don't like (because she doesn't listen, its horrible.....I brought my mom to witness the phenomenon) since she was the only one who had an opening in the morning, we were told it was just a virus. Phew! I left feeling frustrated (because of the doc's listening skills) and relieved at the same time.
So, we rested today at home since his day care states he cannot go in for a full 24 hours after his fever clears. I didn't mind. It was a wonderful day spent at home today because Drew was better. He's not 100%, but his fever didn't return today, he had more cheerful stretches of time and looks much better.
Oh, and obviously our plans changed for this weekend. We were able to work out another visit for Columbus Day weekend to see Zack in Maryland. I am just grateful we decided to stay home, since it would have been very unpleasant for all of us with Drew feeling under the weather while we traveled.

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Brooke said...

Eeek! That is awful! Good luck! I hate those dr's that don't listen. I hope all gets better...that's such a cute picture of him!

P.S. do you like your new car seat? I am going to get one next week and I have no idea what to buy. Everytime I think I have found one I like, there are a ton of people saying Yah and Nay about it. So confused!! Does yours recline really well? That's one of my major issues since we tend to sleep in the car ALOT!