Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Big Boy Weekend

Drew accomplished some big boy things this weekend. He had his 4 month (even though next week he'll be 5 months old) check up this past Friday and we were told we could start to try cereal with a spoon with him. He's been having cereal in his bottle for a few months know to help with his spit up/acid reflux, so we got the OK to try it without the formula. When he hits 6 months, we get to try fruit with the cereal. Yummy!

So, Saturday morning we made his small bowl of oatmeal cereal and give this new thing a try. Um, Drew didn't know what to do when this weird stuff went into his mouth. I'm sure it was the combination of the new texture and the taste, but it was too funny to see his reaction. As usual, I was laughing hard with tears in my eyes. What can I say, my little boy makes me laugh (wait until he knows I'm reacting like that, huh)! He had the same reaction over the last couple of days each time we tied, but we will keep on it.

On Thursday night, we had installed his big boy car seat. We knew he was either right at or just over his infant car seat weight limit, so we had installed it sooner rather then later. As it turns out, he is a pound under the infant car seat limit. Drew now weights 21lbs. The seat limit is 22lbs. And let me tell you, when you carry him and the seat, you can tell right away that he was close to the limit. It makes it hard when I have to carry him and the seat, so I felt it was time to move into the big seat. He has to get used to things, but he looks like such a big boy sitting in it.


Cherish said...

Wow, I cant believe Drew is so big! Josiah is only 23lbs and he is 14 months old! Rayden was a big baby and he had to move to a big boy car seat by the time he was 6 months but wowie for Drew!

Brooke said...

I am glad you posted this because I was just talking to E last night about a new carseat for the baby! I needed to go and look up all of the info...I think we are still about 5 pounds away from our limit but still...that 5 pounds comes so fast! And 22 lbs? What are you feeding that boy????

Amanda said...

Yup, my little boy likes to eat :) He is also 26 1/2 inches long, he's as tall as a 6 month old, and so I don't feel as guilty with his weight.

The car seat we have is an Eddie Bauer (Sp?) 3-n-1 seat. It definitely takes some getting used to though. The buckles are harder and the button to adjust the straps is not smooth to make the adjustments either.

Melissa said...

Makes life a 100% easier when you don't have to carry the infant car seat around, it's HEAVY! Congrats on all the new accomplishments!