Monday, August 31, 2009

Oobi Love

Over the past few weeks, Drew, myself and my mom have gotten into our own routine in the mornings.

Drew will wake up around 6am. He'll call out in his own little way letting me know he's awake. I go in, say good morning and he flashes a big smile. Then we get him changed and ready for the day.

When he wakes up, he's not hungry right away, so he sits in his bouncy chair and yes I put him in front of the TV. I'm not proud to say I do it, but it entertains him while I get things ready for his day. The first show he watches (because of his father) is Sports Center. He'll watch that until 6:30am. Somewhere around this time, Grammie arrives. Then we turn on the Noggin channel at 6:30am and Oobi is on.

Drew loves Oobi. He'll sit there, almost in silence watching this simple but fun show of a family made out of a persons hand with plastic eye's attached to the top. Its amazing how dazed he is while he watches it. Then Grammie feeds him while I get ready for work.

Well, this morning the Noggin channel through us all for a loop. Oobi was not on!! A different show was on! Drew wasn't happy which in turn we weren't happy. Oh, I hope its just a temporary change in schedule since Drew loves that show so much!! Yikes!!


floreksa said...

Nope. Noogin/NickJR LOVES to mess with their line-up. Seems like every 6-8 weeks they rearrange everything.


Amanda said...

yeah, I found the TV lineup after I posted and the time that Oobi is on is 1:30am. Um, I'm not going to have my kid watch his favorite show at that time in the morning!!

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