Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What a Scare

Mr Drew gave a scare to his parents last night. It was panic, but under control if you can believe that one. At the end, we felt a little foolish for what we did, but we wanted to be cautious since it never happened before.

So, here is what happened last night.........

I picked Drew up from day care, just like any other time. He was sleepy since he had just finished a bottle, but nothing out of the ordinary.

We got home, he played on the floor while I got things ready for supper. He also had his medicine for his acid reflux.

We waited for Jeff and Grandpy to come home outside.

When Jeff got home, he cooked on the grill and we all played outside and visited with our neighbor.

Supper was ready, we went inside to eat. Drew was put in his high chair with some toys and we sat down at the table to eat.

After a few bites into our burgers, Drew got fussy and didn't want to be in his high chair. Jeff picked him up and that is when our panic began. Drew started screaming like he was in pain after Jeff sat him on his lap at the table. It seemed like Drew was being hurt in some way that we could not figure it out. It was a scream you never want to hear from your child.

His whole body tensed up, his legs were straight out, his arms where brought to his chest and he just cried at the top of his lungs. He has instant tears and could not relax. Jeff tried to walk with him around the house while I fixed a bottle (I didn't think he was hungry since he just ate about an hour & half earlier, but I wanted to give it a try). He didn't want that. I tried to give him some teething gel since he was playing with teething toys and thought maybe he bit down wrong, and that didn't work.

Jeff then stripped him out of his clothes to see if he was bit by anything, nothing. He then brought him into the bathroom to put cold water on him (with a washcloth), that didn't work. At this time, we noticed his entire body was turning red while he screamed and was still tense. I told him to take off his diaper, we checked the area and nothing. I told him to go sit in the rocker under the fan and I was calling the on-call nurse. This was about a 1/2 hour of this insane crying from Drew.

About 15 minutes into the conversation with the nurse (since she had to get all the background information) my FIL said that Drew's feet were now turning purple while he was crying. The nurse said go to the Emergency Room. So, off we went. While we drove in the neighborhood streets to get to the highway, Drew still screamed and was stiff. As soon as we hit the highway with the cool air flowing through the car, he fell asleep from exhaustion (still tense might I add, holding onto my finger with everything he had).

As we approached the ER, we were debating on not going in. I made the decision that we came here, we don't know what's wrong and I didn't want it to happen again in an hour and have to do it all over again. So, we walked into the ER with a sleeping baby.

When Drew was called in for the first evaluation, he woke up his old cheerful self. Of course, making his parents look like fools, but flirting away with the nurses! Oh, geez! His personality stayed that way for the 3 hour stint at the ER. The doctors kept asking over and over what had happened and we told them we feel foolish, but wanted him to be check out since he has never acted like that before.

Drew hanging out at the ER

It was determined that they have no idea why he acted like that. The doc's said it could have been gas (um, we've seen that reaction before but who knows), could be getting sick (his dad was sick with a cold last week) or an intestine issue where it kinks, then fixes itself and the pain lasts about 15-30 minutes. But, not tests were done to rule out anything, just a listen, a poke and a look into his ears. Then we were released.

Drew has a follow-up today with his regular doctor, but I have no idea what was wrong. We just had a feeling that something was wrong last night and things just didn't feel right with the way he sounded.

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Melissa said...

Sounds pretty frightening, glad you went after it's not easy to but who knew what could have been wrong. Nice to see how happy is he after :) lol