Monday, September 14, 2009

Consignment Shopping

I don't mind using second hand things for Drew, as long as they are safe and clean. I shop on Craigslist for all kinds of items and occasionally shop at a local baby/child consignment store.

Lately on Craigslist I purchased a TON of boys clothes ranging in the ages from newborn to 4T for very cheap from the same seller. I gave the smaller clothes to my SIL, but I still made out like a bandit with clothes, jackets and even a snow suit for Drew.

The latest purchase came over the weekend at Once Upon a Child (the local consignment store). Drew has been lovin his "jumparoo" devise at school, so our mission was to find one for at home. My in-law's have been searching their house for my nieces old jumparoo, but can't find the seat. So, while I was at the store this weekend, I took a chance to look for a jumparoo and there was one there, telling me to take it home. Now, in the past I've left the store without purchasing something that I was 50/50 on and when I would return the next day to purchase it, the item was gone. So, as I stood there pondering purchasing this toy (thinking to myself, what if Sarah finds the seat?), I decided to just get it or the opportunity would pass me by!

The jumparoo was purchased and Drew is getting used to this one, but is having a good time in it. The best part is, I didn't pay full price at a department store or even full price at the consignment store since I brought clothes to Once Upon a Child so they could purchase them from me, which in turn knocked the price down to $13 for the new toy! I know its not brand new, but it makes Drew happy and that is all that matters!


floreksa said...

YAY! We can stop looking now. LMAO!

Cherish said...

thats really cute and what a steal!

Melissa said...

Great name brand (Baby Einstein) and for $13 how could you have thought, you can make more selling it later than what you paid! Plus the little man loves it, wicked deal miss!

Brooke said...

So I noticed that you bought him a snow that a necessity? I have seen alot of them for sale and wasn't sure what the deal with them was. Sorry...I am clueless when it comes to living up north and living in cold weather.