Thursday, September 10, 2009

Timeline Thursday - Black & White

*I discoverd my phone takes black & white photo's, who knew?*
Hey, whatcha lookin' at? 9/4/2009

Playing Hard 9/5/2009

Trying to figure out this spoon thing 9/6/2009

Jumpin, Jumpin, Jumpin 9/7/2009

My first Harley Shirt "Live Fast, Nap Hard" 9/8/2009

Relaxing before a hard day at school 9/9/2009

What is Grammie doing ?!?! 9/10/2009


Brooke said...

I am so jealous of his hair...if only mine had those locks, then I wouldn't constantly have to say "SHE" when the old ladies in the grocery store ask me how old "HE" is (even though SHE is wearing pink). I keep praying for enough hair for a hairbow!

Melissa said...

Sorry to break it to ya Brooke, but even with long hair and bow and pretty pink dress I still had people ask how old S-"HE" was :\

As for the farmer pant picture, There is nothing cuter .. :)
Okay, okay "live fast, nap hard" is pretty sweet too :D