Monday, August 10, 2009

We Came Back

We had a busy, active, relaxing and hectic type of vacation in Virginia. Drew traveled wonderfully on our way south. We stopped overnight a little more then half way and then continued to our destination the following day. Zack arrived at our hotel that afternoon and it was non-stop ever since.

We all loved the indoor pool we had at the hotel. Everyday we visited that thing. Drew loved it much more then his first pool experience back in June since the water was so much warmer. Zack would swim around between all of us underwater and Drew would just look around while being hel in the pool. Later on in the week we bought a floaty where he could sit in and was dragged around the pool. It was too cute.

Oh, and Drew has started to roll over while we were away. He rolled over about 5 times during the week, so watch out now!!

The boys (Jeff and Zack) went to play golf at a local par 3. Yeah, Zack beat Jeff by 4 shots but in defense for Jeff, it was his first time out this season. Later on in the week they also went mini-golfing. While the boys played golf, Drew and I went shopping. It was a great compromise.

The kids in the pool
We explored a local zoo called the Mill Mountain Zoo. Its a smaller zoo, but its set up on a mountain in Roanoke and its so beautiful and serene. The views off the mountain are breathtaking and the variety of animals was great.
A bird at the zoo

We visited a local kids museum too. In an advertisement it stated its the oldest museum in the country (I'd agree with that since the displays were a little outdated) but it was a great, fun educational place. Zack had a great time playing with all the scientific displays, including the one that sounded like a fart (oh, to be 11 years old again).

Zack hula-hooping at the museum

The hectic part of the whole week was poor little Drew was not feeling well. We took care of him of course, but it was nerve racking being so far away from his regular doctors office for a consult. I did call the nurse to chat and we were doing everything correct. We told Drew that he's on vacation, he's not suppost to be sick. But, the little guy is doing much better.
Drew and Great-Grandpa Guy

As we headed North, we stopped by Grandpa's house for a weekend visit. It was so fun to see Drew with Grandpa. We had a great time visiting with all the family in that area too. Drew is such a big ham when it comes to people coming up to him to say hi.
Last night after we got in, unpacked the car, got Drew situated (Zack was with his mother since she brings him to MA for the second half of our vacation, he'll come later today) we noticed something my FIL did for use while we were away. He painted our new room! The paint and supplies were there when we left, waiting for us to return to paint and he did it for us while we were gone. We were so surprised! He also washed and waxed the floor. What a guy! Now we can start to move upstairs sooner....yeah!


Brooke said...

Oh my! He is getting so big! And oh so cute! And I love the color of the room. So fresh!!

Cherish said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Glad you're back though :)