Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Melts My Heart

Since Drew was born, during feeding time I would give him lots of lovin. I would kiss his forehead, kiss his little fingers while he tries to hold the bottle, I would rest my check on his forehead, I would hold his feet, anything to shower him with love while he was eats.

Just recently, Drew now searches to touch my face while he eats. Oh, its just melts my heart. He goes back and forth from holding his bottle to rubbing my face. Yeah, its a little hard since he doesn't really know the difference yet for his hand controls, but sometime he rests his little fingers on my cheek and its just an amazing feeling.

Jeff witnessed it last night and just smiled with love since he knows the feeling. Jeff started to put his face where Drew can reach while they are playing and those little fingers explore his daddy's face. Jeff mentioned that its the weirdest and coolest feeling all wrapped into one. I agree, but I wouldn't call it weird, I'd call it Drew showing us lovin.

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Cherish said...

I LOVE that feeling! Its like they are really starting to interact with you and show you how interested they are in you. So sweet!