Friday, August 14, 2009

Coming To An End

Today is the last day of our two week vacation. Yeah, we have the weekend, but this is the last weekday of being off for two weeks. Its going to be tough going back to work on Monday, but my motivation is the next long weekend coming up for Labor Day.

Plans for today are-

Jeff, Zack, Ally and Jeff's brother are out geo-caching. We used to do this several years ago and loved it! Drew can't go since we can't spray him with sunscreen or bug spray, so him and I stayed home.

Myself, my FIL and Drew went to my SIL's house to get the last minute baby things together for her. We put the batteries into the electric devices and set up the complicated baby monitor. Later on this afternoon we will go visit her (the poor little guy has been in ICU for the past couple of days, they are running tests on him to see why he wasn't eating, but everything has come back negative, so that's good).

Then this weekend, we have Zack until Sunday. We don't know for sure what we will do tomorrow, but on Sunday we will start moving into our new room! Yeah!!

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