Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our Little Helper

Drew has started to "help" his mommy & daddy.

He wants to try and hold his bottle while eating. At times he just places his hands on both sides of the bottle ever so gently, kind of practicing for independent eating. Other times, he pushes really hard with one hand down on the top of the bottle that mommy or daddy have to push really hard up to counter act his resistance to keep the bottle in his mouth. Sometimes, we just let him try and figure out the whole keeping the bottle in his mouth thing. Its too cute!!

He sits himself up nice and straight when he feels its time. He doesn't want to put any strain on his parents for this, so he just randomly shoots straight up while resting so quietly. If he's on your lap, leaning back against your chest, he'll just decided he wants to sit straighter and he does it often! He's working on his six-pack abs that way!! He tries to do the same thing while sitting on the couch without mommy or daddy holding him, but the poor guy just flops over (laughing at the same time might I add).

When he doesn't like something you are wearing, he would let us know it ain't workin. He just burps with spit up all over your clothes so you have to change before going to work. I keep telling him it would make things much easier if he would just tell us it doesn't look right rather then playing the spit up game. I think he likes his way much better!

I can imagine what that little guy will think of next to help his parents out!!

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