Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'd Like You To Meet Someone

Jayden Joseph
arrived 8/12/2009 at 1:19am
he weights 6lbs 8 ozs
he is 19 inches long
My SIL had a long and rough delivery since Monday evening. She hadn't progressed far enough since the start of her induction and Jayden's heart rate dropped a couple of times since Monday, so they decided early this morning that she would have a c section. Both baby and mommy (and daddy too) are doing great!

All of us went to see little Jayden (after very little rest for myself and FIL) for a visit. Mr. Jayden is so light compared to Mr. Drew, its too funny! When you hold Jayden, he feels like a feather weight rather then a bruiser. Tonight we go back while my niece is there so we get to see the whole clan together while Zack is visiting!

We told Zack there is a weird pattern developing that every time he visits to MA, a baby is born! Who will be next?


floreksa said...

Look at those thighs on Mr Drew!! Woowzer!


Can't wait to see Jayden tonight.

(I may finally get to hold at least 1 baby)

Melissa said...

He's so cute!! Congrats to you and yours! Beautiful little babe he is, xo