Friday, August 21, 2009

Am I Crazy?

Ok, don't answer so quickly now! Let me get my story out first, then you can call me crazy!!

I'm already thinking of the big C word, yup Christmas! I am starting to plan presents, visits, what goodies will I make, what we will eat for dinner and what kind of cards to send out. The main focus at this very moment is what type of card to send out?!

I don't know if I should send a picture card with Drew & Zack on it or a traditional card with a pre-made holiday picture on it. I don't know, I'm stuck on this one. If I go with the traditional card, I will have our names printed already on them (since I send out so many) and if I get the the picture one, it too will be already printed. I just don't know!

Also, if I go with a picture, what pose do I use? The ones from the brother's portrait that we got last week or a candid photo of the two of them that I can take during the next visit. Oh, the dilemma I'm in! Oh, to think ahead so far can really drive me crazy. But, if I wait too long that would just send me over the edge! Ho, hum. I guess I could have a bigger problem on my hands other then what kind of card to order, right!!??!!

Ok, now you can say it out loud, I'm crazy!


Cherish said...

I already have a couple things bought for my guys and even for my niece. I do my big shopping in October so Im definitely thinking about what else Im going to buy. I haven't thought as far as what Im going to cook/bake yet, but we've been working on the visiting schedule first. as far as cards, I haven't even thought about it! Ack! I usually go with a traditional card and include a photo of all the kids. This year we might do a family Christmas portrait so that would have to be taken in early October to have time to get everything processed and sent out for December. It totally makes sense to think about it now or else, there just wont be time!

Good luck with all of the holiday planning and dont forget there are still a few other holidays to think about before the big C!

Amanda said...

I already have Drew's Halloween Costume too :) And our plans for Thanksgiving are almost set. Those darn holidays!!

Melissa said...

Your not crazy, Holidays have gotten more and quick coming. I have already got Rachel's Halloween costume aswell! With having a baby you want to have things planned ahead so you have time, or so that's what I thought when I first had Rachel I had her birthday party planned and bought for before Christmas and her birthday is in May. I do my Christmas shopping on Boxing day, and then the big shop in October (Food, stockings, what left of gifts and exchange anything I think may not be the best gift anymore from BDay) Anything major pricey items go on layaway now and gets paid off by the end of September along with clothes so that you get a good selection will be bought after the kids are in school. I don't worry so much about cards, and can't say I would do a photo card just maybe a photo in the card for the people you really want to get one, and have that one be a Christmasy one. I love Christmas and It's no real surprise that I have everything planned for it much like you are thinking about it too. But I'm crazy like that and have the baby shower planned out and started to buy for along with Rachel's next party too ... next year in May :)