Monday, August 17, 2009

Yeah or Neah

We finally were able to start moving into our new room this weekend. But there were a few things we needed to add to the room too.

I was out shopping on Saturday at the mall for Drew at Babies R Us and decided to take a stroll through Target for curtains. We were looking for a couple of weeks to find the type we wanted, but hadn't checked there yet. We looked for semi-light blocking curtains to block out the street light that is right outside our window, inexpensive (I can't sew, so that was out of the question) and dark blue to off set our new wall color. That was a challenge!!

At Target I came across a single panel, tie up curtain that wasn't as expensive compared to buying two panels for each window (we have three windows in the room.....caching!), thick material and the right color!

They are definitely a different type of curtain that I have to used to it. I had set up one window to see how it would look and see if it would work for our needs. Well, it blocked the street light, cut down the morning light and weren't too expensive. I'm starting to like them more and more, but I still have a feeling I should return them. But, I'll give them a chance.

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