Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

Well, not really. Today is Drew's first day of Day Care. We just call it school so he gets used to hearing that word, already.

Drew will start his part time journey going to a day care facility today. He will go Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. My mom will still watch him the other days. This will give the little guy socialization and many other opportunities that can't happen here at home. It will also give my mom a break since Mr. Drew will start to move very soon much more then what he currently does, so it gives her a little time for recovery while still being able to watch him.

The day care seems like a perfect fit, so I'm excited to see what happens. Its owned by a women who used to run an at-home day care and decided to expand. Its a small, intimate facility actually made out of the small towns old post office. The day care is located close to my work so if there is any need to go pick up Drew, I am less them 5 minutes away. Everything about this place just made sense.

Wish the little guy luck on his first day!! I know I will be anxious all day to hear how he did!


Cherish said...

awww, the little guy is growing up! Good luck with the new adventure!

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