Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Steaming Hot in May

It was H-O-T this past weekend. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather have warm weather over snow any day, but Mother Nature didn't even give us a chance to go from winter to summer.

Last week we had cold and rainy days then all of a sudden we had hot humid weather. There definitely was no in between.

Poor little Drew is just like his daddy, becomes irritated and nothing can make him happy in this kind of weather. It was so stuffy in the house, we had to go outside for some relief, but it was just as bad outside (so the AC's will be going in this week).

On Saturday, we spent sometime outside in the morning, but we headed to the mall for some errands and it was good so Drew could cool down. On Sunday though, we had to give the little guy two baths to help him cool down. So, for the summer we are coming up with plans to have fun outside and out of the house so we aren't stuck in the house on hot, hot days. We will have a sprinkler pad to play in, go to some museums, and play outside in the early or late of the day.

Its hard to imagine we are planning these things the first week in May!

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