Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sick Little Guy

Maybe I'm not the brightest, or quickest mom to figure out that my son decided to have a mild reaction to his 1 year shots that he had two weeks ago, but I just assumed he would be fine after all the other appointments.
Let me explain. Back on May 10th, Drew had his one year check up. He had three shots, one for the Chicken Pox, MMR and Hepatitis. Two went into his left leg and the other in his left arm. The next day, I took off his band-aids and didn't notice anything wrong around the shot area so I thought we were in the clear. I knew that it usually takes 2 weeks for the immunizations to kick in, but I just assumed if there was something to show up on his skin, it would be right away.
Fast forward, two weeks later. I noticed a thik red line with two bumps on Drew's leg. Now, I assumed the mark was from a toy or book falling on his leg since he likes to sit under his bookshelf and pull all the books down on himself. I just assumed it was a self inflicted welt.
Then Tuesday night, he had a very messy diaper, messier then usual but I thought there was a bug going around or maybe a reaction from teething (since he's getting his 4th molar in at the moment). Weds I received a phone call from day care that Drew has a 100.3 fever and I should come pick him up. On my way to get him, I thought for a split second, could this be from his shots? Then I quickly dismissed it and thought it was from teething again.
Then Weds night rolled around and a Facebook friend said that her daughter is feeling the same way (and they got their shots on the same day). Bingo!! She helped figure out that my son is having a mild reaction to his shots, oh I feel like a horrible mother! I know I thought of it for a split second but I dismissed the idea that it was teething. It just makes me feel like I'm going to get called into the bosses office and get spoken too for not taking care of the precious cargo, like I'm careless or something. I read up on the handouts I was given at his pediatrics office and the symptoms he's having (I'm assuming its the Chicken Pox shot since it was in his leg, don't think its to the Hepatitis shot) happens in 1 and every 7th child.
I'm now relived to know what's going on with the little guy and we can handle the situation accordingly.

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Amanda said...

UPDATE! I called his docs office and spoke to the nurse, they origianly thought it was a stomach bug. This afternoon he developed a rash and I called back. The doc wanted him in and she did a test, he has streap throat. Poor guy!!