Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1 Year Check-Up

My little boy had his one year check up yesterday. I know its a few weeks late, but hey that's the doctors office schedule for ya!

Before the apt, while waiting for the doctor, Drew had to explore the exam room. No problem, until he realized the door had a doorknob that he could open. Its the same doorknob they have at daycare, where he can enter the back office area where he's not suppost to be. Its the long knob that has to be pushed down to open the door, yup that one.

So, once Drew realized that he could stand on his tip, tip toes he could escape. There was no way of keeping that boy in the exam room until the doctor arrived. Once the door opened, he wanted to strut his stuff up and down the hall way (in nothing but a diaper might I add). He was talking, walking (trying to walk really fast) and smiling at all the nurses at the nurses station. It was pretty cute, but also trying to keep in out of the way of others was a challenge.

But, once the doctor came in there were no more attempts for the door. Drew had a great check-up, the doctor says he's developing wonderfully in all areas. He is finally back on the charts with his height and weight (he was so tall and the weight corresponded with the height that he was off the charts for a couple of check-ups). Drew is in the 98th percentile for his height at 31 3/4 inches. He is at the 90th percentile with his weight at 27.5lbs. I have a tall, solid little boy. Nothing wrong with that!!

Then it was time for the shots. He had to get 3 and 2 were the ones that hurt once the injection went in (the chicken pox and MMR shots). He was not a happy camper, but once he was dressed and out of the exam room, he was feeling better. The next check up will be in August for his 15 month apt (I know, a few weeks late on that one too), but I hope to report a clean bill of health then too!!

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