Monday, May 10, 2010

Lego Dumptruck

Drew received a massive lego mega block dump truck on his birthday. When it was unwrapped, his eyes just lit up. Once the party was done and it was time to play with all the toys, he loved discovering this new toy (of course along with everything else too).

A few days ago, Drew discovered a new use for this awesome truck. You know, besides being able to push it around while making truck sounds, caring his blocks (and other toys) or make a huge mess when he dumps out the toys from the back part of the truck. Yes, he thinks is a sit-on, push toy. Yup, my son discovered this the other day when the back of the dump truck was lifted.

It was a quite evening at in our household, Drew was playing with his toys, we were all sitting in the living room periodically playing with him while he made his rounds to everyone then he stopped at his truck to play. I happened to look over at him at one point and noticed him swinging his leg over the middle of the truck, sitting and trying to push himself across the room. I was just amazed! Then started laughing and got Jeff and my FIL's attention to look at what Mr. Wise Guy was doing!

When he got his fill in of adventure on this new discovered toy, it was time to move onto the next thing. Man oh man, he's got an imagination!!

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Cherish said...

awww, that reminds me of when my kids used to do the exact same thing. Maybe I should get ours out of the basement for Owen, Im sure he'll so the same. Drew is just getting so grown up!