Monday, May 24, 2010

McCrays Farm

Last weekend, it was beautiful outside. It was a Saturday and we had planned a mothers day outing. Usually we go to a beach town on the east coast to explore. We had planned on going to a state park in CT with mom, Drew and me.

Last minute, Drew was having a hard time sleeping (more then usual) and I was exhausted (more then usual). I couldn't see myself driving an hour away from home, spend time walking around in the sun and drive back home. So, we decided to adjust our plans and stick around home to explore.

I do miss seeing the ocean, but I was so happy we chose to change our plans and explore things in our area with Drew. We went to some tag sales and found an adorable country store that I've driven by countless times but never stopped in. After that, went to lunch at a deli on a farm, stopped by Drew's day care who is expanding to a new site for preschool and ended up at a petting zoo/homemade ice cream/farm that Drew never has seen. I've been there many times, but I couldn't wait to get there for Drew to see all the animals.

Our first stop at the farm was for ice cream. They have a little sit down area inside with booths so customers can eat their treats. Drew decided to help himself to Grammies ice cream with his spoon. He was having a blast dipping his spoon into her gooey ice cream and getting it all over himself. After he was cleaning up, we headed outside to the petting zoo.

Drew walked right up with me to the animals and just stared up at the llamas, goats and cows. He even wanted to touch them, so I helped him out with petting their noses. He just watched while mommy fed the animals too, he didn't want a part of that thought. Once we looked at all the animals, we made it to the end of the line where there is an old retired tractor for kids to play on. As soon as noticed that, be made a bee-line towards the old machine. He was loving it, hitting the tires, walking all around it, pulling on the motor parts and making his vroom, vroom sound effects. I think he liked the tractor more then the animals!

It was such a great day! I am so happy we stuck around and explored the farm towns near us for new things to do with Drew. What a great way to spend a belated mothers day.

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