Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Speaking Of A Tractor

A few years ago, way before Drew was born, we gave my niece Ally a motorized John Deere Tractor for her birthday. Her dad loves the green machines, so we thought it was appropriate to give Ally her very own tractor. Well, the plan didn't go so well since she was afraid of the movement while sitting on the tractor while it was in motion. She didn't mind hitting the petal and walking along with the tractor, just don't put her in the drivers seat.

Fast forward 3 years later, and the tractor found a new home, with us! It was set up in Drews room, all set and batteries charged. He went straight for it and loved to touch it and wanted to climb on it right away. So, Jeff placed him in the seat and started to show Drew where the petal was to make it move. Drew's foot touched the petal, but barely covered it to give it enough umph to make it go anywhere. But, Jeff kept showing him that the tractor could move and each time his smile got bigger and bigger. They were having so much fun, the games had to be moved into the living room.

Once in the living room, there was plenty of room to move around. Jeff showed Drew all the buttons to make the flashers work, make the engine start and beep the horn. Drew was loving it. The best part was cruising along the living room floor. I lost count how many times Jeff would press the gas petal, drove Drew across the living room only to back it up and start over again. It was so much fun watching the boys play.

A couple of times Drew got the concept of pressing the gas petal and reaching it to make the tractor move. He would fly past us all and crash (lightly) into the couch or entrainment system. It was hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing out of excitement while watching Drew's face light up with wonder because he was on a moving tractor.

Now the tractor is outside in our shed. Every time the shed is open and that green and yellow are seen by Mr. Drew, he runs right over to it and touches it. He wants to have it out in the yard so he can play!

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