Thursday, May 6, 2010

Follow My Leed Kid

Drew is a "trouble" maker at day care. Its the innocent kind of trouble, the kind were you smile and shake your head and wonder where the heck did he learn that?

He loves to steal pacifier's from the babies. Now, keep in mind, Drew doesn't use one...hasn't since he was 3 months old. He has one he plays with once-in-awhile at home, but that's about it. He will either take them right from the younger kids mouths while reaching into the cribs or just from the cribs themselves. Its one of those things that just makes you shake your head.

The other thing, he doesn't like the infant room at day care any longer. Its all about the Toddler room (or going into the office area where he's not suppost to be going in). He bolts into the Toddler room as soon as I take off his coat in the morning and head for the big kid toys.

Since Drew is now one of the oldest kids in the infant room (he is scheduled to move into the Toddler room at 15 months, or sooner if they can work on the timing of his nap), he has an influence on the younger kids and that he does. There is a little boy named Rusty who is the next kid in line behind Drew. Rusty has learned to crawl and follow Drew around, especially into the office space where he's not suppost to go (when the door is left open for a split second, those two are right there). Also, Rusty has taken on a liking of stealing pacifiers from the babies. I wonder where he learned that one from?

I told day care that Drew is passing the reigns along to the next kid for when he moves into the "big kid" room, since Rusty does what Drew does!!

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