Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Afraid, No More

Drew has mastered many of his toys. He know to push buttons, he understands moving a car/truck along the floor and make a vroom vroom sound, he learned to crash blocks when they are stacked up high like Godzilla would attack a building and can throw a ball.

He's only had one toy that frightened him when he was younger (around Christmas time), but now he loves it. It is one of the fisher price toys where you hit a button and it shoots plastic, colorful balls in the air only to fall into a tray and roll back into the vacuum area to only shoot back up in the air. Drew wasn't afraid of the ball, it was the vacuum sound.

We worked with Drew, holding him in our lap while we would play with his toy. He would panic a little, but we just showed him that everything was ok. Eventually one day, he crawled up to it, hit the button and loved it ever sense.

Now, the toy is stationed in his room (we used to have to hide it behind a chair in the living room since he would just stare at it, making sure it wouldn't move) and he loves to walk up to it, hit the button and push the ball back into the vacuum suction area. Also, once the wind hits his hair, he smiles big and shakes his head, almost in slow motion. Its too funny!

He's still afraid of the household vacuum, the little bubble machine for the bathtub or anything else that makes that sort of sound. But, he's figured out that his ball machine is no big deal.

Its amazing to see how much he's grown into himself and taking on these new adventures to learn about things all around him. What's next?

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