Monday, May 17, 2010

If you could go anywhere?

I was walking, by myself for a moment at work the other day, walking back to my office from getting lunch and thought to myself, if I could pick anywhere in the world to go, where would I chose?

Well, first I would ask...can we have a two part question? Then I'd say.....

If I could pick anywhere in the world I haven't been, I would chose Italy. I would love to see the beautiful city and soak in all the breath-taking views of the city. I would chose to see the sites on a gondola boat, snap pictures while I was whisked through the aquatic city. Can you imagine exploring all that the lovely place has in store? Then after exploring on a gondola, explore all the beautiful old structures all over the country. Oh, the possibilities are endless!!

The other part of the question I would say, if I had to chose anywhere I've been to go back, it would be Hawaii. I loved to see Oahu and it was awesome to visit the big Islands volcano, but I want to explore the less crowded islands like Kauai or Maui. I day dream often of what could be found on those islands, a breath-taking water fall, a wonderful path to hike upon or a nice hammock on a quite beach. Ahhh, the possibilities of relaxation!!

So, what would your pics be? The place you want to see and the place you want to go back too??

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Cherish said...

Italy has always been at the top of my list. Sadly, I haven't been anywhere really, so I couldn't say a place I'd like to return to. But Italy...*drool*