Monday, January 11, 2010

What to do? What to do?

I'm a planner. I like to think ahead. Sometimes that is a good thing and other times, it makes for a nerve racking, hair pulling, headache sort of adventure.

My newest task to tackled is Drew's first birthday party. I know we are 3 months away from celebrating this huge achievement, but I'd like to start planning since if I don't, it would drive me crazy.

My huge roadblock in my planning is, what type of party do I do? I don't have a huge house, so my large family will not fit comfortably inside. Since his big day is in April, it is possible that while living in New England, we could have a snow storm outside so I don't want to plan for something in our backyard. I won't be able to afford renting a hall since things are tight already, but his birthday falls right after the Easter holiday and our Virginia trip to visit Zack.

So, I've been contemplating just having our usual birthday guests over to the house for cake and pizza with Wonder Pets decorations. I'm so worried about upsetting my extended family since they won't be invited or able to squeeze in for a party. I don't want to assume that the extended family will get anything for Drew, but most likely they will for his first birthday, so what do I do? I feel horrible even thinking about not having everyone together, but I'm financially strapped.

This is one predicament that won't solve itself anytime soon.


Your loving father said...

Let's go on a cruse for the month of April since there are other important b-days that month.

Amanda said...

Brunells river cruise, here we come!

Father Dear said...

I don't think they last for a month

Cherish said...

Is it possible to have the guests help out in throwing a party? I know it can be tacky to ask for money or donations, but maybe something along those lines? Im not sure where you work, but I think you've mentioned a campus before. Is there anyway you can get a room somewhere on the campus? When I worked at the University here we used to use one of the student spaces for free on weekends. I have no idea if that will work for you, but it's a suggestion.

Im also planning my guy's 6th birthday already which is in April. Almost got the entertainment booked and dates nailed down! You're probably right on schedule with the rest of us mamas

Amanda said...

Thanks for the suggestion :) I can see what can be done here on campus.

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