Monday, January 4, 2010

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho Its off to work I go.......

Its back to work time for me. I had a lovely week off from work, and now its come to an end. I feel so relaxed, laid back and rejuvenated, I guess its time to go back. I just hope this wonderful feeling doesn't leave too quickly!

It'll be an interesting few months here at work too. Our current boss is leaving for another school and we will be in the process of interviewing a new supervisor shortly. Our second in command will be taking over in the mean time, but it'll be interesting to see the process happening.

Its budget time here at work too and let me tell you, its not my favorite time of year. Those large numbers scare the pants off me, it makes me so stressed out so I hope it doesn't drive me crazy too much this year.

Other then, so far it looks like a great year at work. Lets keep our fingers crossed for all of us to keep our jobs in this economy for the New Year!!

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