Friday, January 22, 2010

7 Teeth

Drew has been teething for a little while now. He has been working on 5 teeth coming in all at once since mid-December. It has been hard on his little system, on him in general and on us.

He had two teeth already before his new arrivals. It was all of a sudden, his upper gums around his front teeth area started to swell up and so we figured he was getting 4 teeth all at once. Then all of a sudden another bottom tooth appeared which made the new amount to be five.

The new bottom tooth popped through in no time after it was discovered. Then his right upper front tooth and side tooth appeared. We've been waiting for his other upper front tooth and side tooth to join us, but they've been very stubborn. Then, within the past couple of days, we started to see the two teeth starting to come through. This morning, we noticed little white teeth coming through Drew's little swollen gums. Yeah, they have arrived!!

Now, the little guy has 7 teeth. I hope things quite down for a little while before the next round starts!!

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Cherish said...

Aww, Drew even has the rosy cheeks of teething! Owen is still dealing with teeth too. I think he has 6 now with 2 poking through. For some reason he's a late bloomer.