Friday, January 29, 2010

Birthday Suit Love

It has been discovered that my little boy prefers to be out of his clothes rather then in them. Any opportunity he has to be nude, he will take it and "run".

A couple of weeks ago my mom was watching Drew and was changing his diaper on the living room floor. My FIL had to come home from work since our heat was acting up when we had a power failure in the neighborhood, so he was in the basement working on the heating device. He called upstairs to my mom and asked if the heat was on and needed paper towels. So, my mom left Drew on the floor with NOTHING on his bottom half to run down paper towels to my FIL. She came back upstairs to find Drew in the kitchen, army crawling his way through the house. Yes, she got pictures, but I can't show them, but he was happy as a clam to be naked and getting around!! I asked her what was her logic (through my giggles and amazement) and she said "I thought he'd lay right there" since he just work up. Um, ok mom!

Other times while we are changing him on the floor, since he disputes being on his changing table, he tries so hard to get away when the diaper is off his little bottom.

So last night, Drew had a messy diaper and he had to be stripped down to nothing so I could clean him up. It was very close to bath time, so I didn't want to put a new diaper on him and within 15 minutes take it off and it most likely wouldn't be used. So, I wrapped a burp cloth around his little waste as best I could and brought him into the living room so I can clean up the changing table area.

My FIL was in the living room and was shocked that I brought him in the family room with a burp cloth hanging off of him to sit in there while I cleaned. I said, hey he's not complaining and left the room. By the time I came back to get him for his bath (maybe 5 minutes later) he was in his toy tub, naked with the burp cloth sitting in the middle of the room all alone. Drew was in heaven. He was naked and playing with his toys. It was hilarious! Shortly after I scooped him up for his bath time.

All I can say is we will be in so much trouble when he learns to take his clothes and diaper off himself!!


喝酒 said...

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