Friday, January 15, 2010

Big Item Wish List

Everyone has a wish list. You may call it something different, but essentially we all have some sort of list (large or small) that we hope to be able to accomplish someday.

This list is my big item list. These are items that I hope to someday achieve, but just not in the near future because of a certain restrictions called, lack of funds and Drew being too young.

The accomplishment I'd like to achieve for my family in the relative near future is purchasing a pop-up camper. Jeff and I love to camp and hopefully so will Drew. Zack is on the fence about it, but at the moment, if we go, he has to go. My thoughts are, if we get a pop-up, it has a little more shelter then a tent if the weather doesn't corporate and gives the family room to move around rather then being stuck in a tent if its raining. Its not so much fun when its raining, in a tent and have a kid around. I so would love a pop-up camper.

The next thing on my large item wish list is a trip to Disney World. This wouldn't be something we would do next year or the year after, I would hope to do this trip when Drew is around 5 years old. I would love to stay in the Fort Wilderness area so we can camp while we are at Disney (and another reason I would love a pop-up trailer). Drew could be a little older too, but I want to go when the magic is still there for him while at the Disney park. I also hope that Zack would want experience this with us too, if he wants to go. There are things to do there for older kids, I just hope he won't think he's TOO old.

And last but not least, a lovely Hawaiian Cruise. I know this won't happen for a long time, but Jeff and I really want to go back and what better way to see more then one island then a cruise. If the boys want to join us too, so be it. It would be great to have the whole family together, cruising the beautiful waters of Hawaii and explore the islands together.

So, keep those dreams alive since you never know when your wishes may come true......

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Cherish said...

great list! Now you've got me thinking about mine...